Strategy 2024-2027

Pillar 1: Policy and Advocacy

  • On behalf of our Member Societies, we strive to be a leading organisation in the development of oncopolicy and advocacy at the European level.

  • On behalf of our Member Societies, we are available as a resource to European institutions to convene and facilitate across disciplines, professions and with patient advocates.

  • We advocate on key policy issues, speaking with one voice on behalf of our Member Societies and patient groups, to enhance the impact of their expertise and experience.

Pillar 2: Convening and Facilitating

  • We act as the "federation" of the European cancer community - amplifying the important work of our member societies and Patient Advisory Committee.

  • We convene our Member Societies, patient groups and other stakeholders for discussion and exchange, building consensus and co-ordinating activities, focusing on improved outcomes and benchmarking best practice, including through our Focused Topic Networks.

  • We believe in collaboration, bringing together those who share our Mission and Vision to promote multidisciplinarity and multi-professionals for the benefit of patients, as well as advocating across Europe for our agreed policies.

Pillar 3: Implementing and Delivering

  • Coordinating and participating in selected consortia for EU Projects.


To read more about our Strategy 2024-2027, you can download it here. To give ideas and suggestions, contact our CEO here.

European Cancer Organisation's Past-President Andreas Charalambous (left) and President Csaba Dégi (right)