Caregivers Hub

“Being a caregiver for a cancer patient can be extremely daunting and it’s something that most of us are not trained to do. Caregivers need all the help they can get. But you somehow find the knowledge, the support and the strength to run with it as best you can. As former caregivers to my son who had a brain tumour, our family was grateful for the wonderful support we had from patient organisations; our knowledge came from the clinical community who were very empathetic and kind to us; and our strength came from our son’s determination and courage.”

Co-Chair, ECO Patient Advisory Committee, and caregiver to Colin Oliver 07.08.1979-27.08.2011

Our Caregivers Hub brings together resources, guidance and recommendations from our Members Societies, Patient Advisory Committee and key European stakeholders in the aim to support caregivers in their role of providing efficient cancer care to patients.

Together, let's:

  • Improve efficiency in cancer care
  • Empower both patients and caregivers
  • Provide a network of support and create a frame of reference
  • Harmonise the care gaps within and across EU Member States

If your organisation is interested in submitting content or contributing to ideas, please contact us here.