The European Cancer Organisation is privileged to work with 21 European and international level patient associations - all listed further below - who help steer our initiatives. Their hands-on involvement ensures our projects are meaningful for improving the care received by cancer patients.

More information about the Patient Advisory Committee, previously chaired by the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides, and its members is available here.

Our Patient Advisory Committee has helped make all these initiatives possible:

The European Code of Cancer Practice

The European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code), translated in several languages, is a citizen and patient-centred manifesto of the core requirements for good clinical cancer practice, in order to improve outcomes for all of Europe’s cancer patients. It is a new tool for empowering citizens and cancer patients with ten key overarching rights, signposting what cancer patients should expect from their health system.

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HPV Testimonies

Through our HPV Testimonies project, people who have survived an HPV-related cancer talked to us about what they went through. They explain how they were diagnosed with cancer and take us through the emotions they felt and experiences they had while dealing with it all.

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Caregivers Hub

Our Caregivers Hub brings together resources, guidance and recommendations from our Members SocietiesPatient Advisory Committee and key European stakeholders in the aim to support caregivers in their role of providing efficient cancer care to patients.

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Primary Prevention Hub

Our Primary Prevention Hub brings together resources and information from a broad range of organisations, including our Member SocietiesPatient Advisory Committee and other stakeholders.

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Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care

The quality of cancer care makes a huge difference to patients and their families. For this reason, working with patient advocates, alongside healthcare professionals, the European Cancer Organisation has produced 'Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care'. These papers articulate, according to tumour type, the picture of cancer care that patients should expect to receive after diagnosis.

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Time To Act &

During recent years, being a patient has become harder than it already. With healthcare systems under pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, we need to pull together. It is for this reason, with much support from our community, that we launched the Time To Act campaign and, our information hub displaying multilingual resources across 30 European countries for Ukrainian patient refugees:

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