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The European Cancer Organisation is a not-for-profit federation of Member Societies working in cancer at a European level. We are dedicated to convening oncology professionals and patients to agree policy, advocate for positive change and speak up for the European cancer community.

The General Assembly with representatives of all our member societies is the highest governing body of our organisation and meets formally twice every year.

    • Csaba Dégi Chair
    • Kamal Abbadi Operations and Systems Assistant
    • Kathy Oliver Co-Chair; International Brain Tumour Alliance
    • Mike Morrissey Chief Executive
    • Nikolina Dodlek ECO Board Liaison
    • Elisa Agostinetto
    • Gilly Spurrier Co-Chair; Melanoma Patient Network Europe
    • Matti Aapro
    • Richard Price Head of Policy
    • Agnese Konusevska Head of Communication
    • Andreas Charalambous
    • Patrycja Rzadkowska Vice-Chair; Pancreatic Cancer Europe
    • Rachel Giles International Kidney Cancer Coalition
    • Stavroula Chante
    • Alberto Costa
    • Anne Marie Baird Lung Cancer Europe
    • Csaba Dégi President
    • Eric Bienefeld Operations & Systems Manager
    • Tihana Gaspert
    • Andreas Charalambous Past-President
    • Elwira Gliwska
    • Marina Ximeri Governance Manager
    • Mirjam Crul
    • Natacha Bolaños Lymphoma Coalition Europe
    • Anna Smak Gregoor
    • Erik Briers Europa Uomo
    • Fanny Senez Events Specialist
    • Julie R. Gralow
    • Nicolò Battisti Treasurer
    • André Ilbawi
    • Giacomo Lazzaro Senior Coordinator, Community & Network Projects
    • Ivana Dragojević European Liver Patients' Association
    • Kathy Oliver Co-Chair, Patient Advisory Committee
    • Marcus Hollenbach
    • Alex Filicevas World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition
    • Bruna Bianca Lopes David
    • Csaba Dégi President
    • Mark Lawler
    • Norbert Couespel Senior Coordinator, Policy Research & EU Projects
    • Winette van der Graaf
    • Andreas Charalambous Past-President
    • Jan Geissler Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation
    • Kathy Oliver
    • Milena Nikolovska
    • Nela Osmanovic ACOE & Projects Officer
    • Isabel Rubio
    • Linda Henderson Thyroid Federation International
    • Mike Morrissey Chief Executive (ex-officio)
    • Radu Pirlog
    • Riccardo Moschetti Policy Officer
    • Winette van der Graaf
    • Daniel Portik
    • Karin Kastrati International Kidney Cancer Coalition
    • Nicolò Battisti Treasurer
    • Sabe Sabesan
    • Silvia Romeo Policy Officer
    • Anita Kienesberger Childhood Cancer International (CCI)
    • Christos Poulios
    • Jack Latteur EU Projects Officer
    • Margaret Stanley
    • Giuseppe Filiti Communication Officer
    • Ina Suppan
    • Kathy Oliver Co-Chair, Patient Advisory Committee
    • Teodora Kolarova International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance
    • Winette van der Graaf
    • Estelle Lecointe Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Global Network
    • Gilly Spurrier-Bernard Co-Chair, Patient Advisory Committee
    • Marion L'Hôte Policy Officer
    • Ajay Aggarwal
    • Alvaro Jimber Communication Officer
    • Sarah Jayne Liptrott MDS Alliance
    • Peter Albers
    • Richard Delahay Communication Officer
    • Zorana Maravic Digestive Cancers Europe
    • Otilia Colceriu Communication Officer
    • Samantha Nier Acute Leukemia Advocates Network
    • Wim Ceelen
    • Maja Cemazar
    • Martina Zaccaro IT & Operations Officer
    • Monica Racovita Myeloma Patients Europe
    • Alberto Costa
    • Catalina Arghir Finance Officer
    • Katie Rizvi Youth Cancer Europe
    • Clementine Rialland EU Projects Officer
    • Eva Streglova ENGAGe
    • Giuseppe Curigliano
    • Ellen Verschuur Europa Donna
    • Miruna Gutu Community & Network Projects Officer
    • Nikolina Dodlek
    • Carmen Villar Thyroid Cancer Alliance
    • Maggie Vaidya Executive Administration Officer
    • Rui Medeiros
    • Ariane Weinman EURORDIS
    • Erika Musiari EU Projects Officer
    • Marko Skelin
    • Eric Van Cutsem
    • Gael Savary EU Projects Officer
    • Alberto Hermosel EU & Network Projects Officer
    • Margaret Stanley (Ex-Officio)
    • Anna Kiss Policy Research Officer
    • Mike Morrissey Chief Executive (ex-officio)
    • Alexandra Eni Policy Research Officer
    • Julie Fitzsimmins DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT
    • Peter Baker HPV CONSULTANT
    • John McKenzie Communication Consultant
    • Momchil Baev HPV Bulgaria Consultant
    • Alina Comanescu HPV Romania Consultant
    • Marko Gangur HPV Croatia Consultant
    • Eric Van Cutsem
    • Peter Albers

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To reduce the burden of cancer, improve outcomes and the quality of care for cancer patients, through multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionalism.

As the not-for-profit federation of member organisations working in cancer at a European level, we convene oncology professionals and patients to agree policy, advocate for positive change and be the united voice of the European cancer community.

Our Vision

To be a vibrant, pro-active, focused, relevant and influential federation, working together for a cancer free future, ensuring that every patient has high quality care and treatment, with access to the full range of professionals needed.

To create and develop ever-strengthening relationships between European institutions and the European cancer care community, and with our Member Societies, Patient Advisory Committee and Focused Topic Networks, facilitate collaboration and consensus towards tangible and impactful policy improvement.

Our Values

Our essential and enduring values are:

  • Patient Centricity – Putting cancer patients at the centre of our concerns and activities and strive to do the best for them
  • Commitment to Science – Reflecting the very latest scientific knowledge and be completely independent of any vested interests
  • Cohesiveness – We believe in the power of combining the efforts of our members and other stakeholders who have a common mission
  • Inclusiveness – We seek to include all non-profit organisations that share our mission, vision and values
  • Equality and Fairness – All our members have a voice in the organisation and we strive to transcend the interests of any one member
  • Openness and Transparency – We are committed to be transparent in and accountable for all that we do

Find out more about our Strategy for 2024-2027 here.